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We strive to be a global leader in fashion-knit and fashion outerwear by empowering innovation and design to provide total customer satisfaction.

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Cozy Workspace for Designers

With the latest equipment (technology) and expertise. We deliver premium experience to our students.

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Modern Fashion Design Equipment and Techniques

We've a team of Experts in Fashion Design to Bring Out the Fashion Genius in You

We are committed to leading the fashion and creative industries in Africa. In away that relates to society and its organization while investing and training new generation of fashion entrepreneurs, reducing dependency through garnered experience and drives to having a positive impact in the world.

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Find out more about our Premium Fashion Design School.

We have two courses presently. Basic and Advanced course. Each of them lasts for 4 months.

Click on the “APPLY NOW” button and follow the simple steps.

The tuition fee for each of the course is N150,000, with a registration fee of N5,000. For a limited time, we are offering a HUGE discount of 50%. So you pay N75,000.

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Lets make your fashion design dreams come true
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